Book Club Session

Book Club Session

ATEE Book Series - How can I be a part of it?


Tips, recommendations, and secrets behind the scenes of the first published book

The purpose of this session is to encourage scholars to deepen their professional development through initiating with colleagues an edited book on teacher education.


The session will include two main parts. Part one will be dedicated to the first edited book published in the ATEE BOOK SERIES as an initiative of the PDTE RDC:

Exploring Professional Development Opportunities for Teacher Educators - Promoting Faculty-Student Partnerships.

The book features up-to-date studies on the professional development of teacher educators that has been created thanks to collaboration and joint work with teacher-students.

In Part two we will share tips, practical advice and practical tools of the procedures to be taken in order to edit and publish a book as part of the ROUTLRDGE - ATEE BOOK SERIES.

You are welcome to join us for a special interactive session moderated by the book co-editors Leah Shagrir and Smadar Bar-Tal.



Important Dates 

Call for papers: 2nd January 2023
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th March 2023

Abstracts submitted will be evaluated until the 15th of April 2023

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: 25th April 2023

Registration Opening: 10th January, 2023

Early Bird Deadline: 15th June 2023

Registration Closing: 28th July 2023

Registration CLOSED

Conference Dates: 28-30th August 2023