Association for Teacher Education in Europe

Association for Teacher Education in Europe

Association for Teacher Education in Europe


The Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) is a non-profit European organisation, whose aim is enhancing the quality of Teacher Education in Europe and supporting the professional development of teachers and teacher educators at all levels.


The ATEE takes part in a broad network of national and international institutions, associations and governmental bodies. Through our memberships, we cover most of Europe; countries like the United States, Australia and Israel; and African countries. The ATEE also provides advice to the European Commission and international organisations.


Networking: The ATEE tries to reach its aim through active dialogue and international exchange of research and practice in initial and in-service teacher education.

ATEE’s members come from a wide variety of countries within Europe and beyond. As a result, the ATEE is a multicultural association with a wide expertise on the various fields of teacher education.

ATEE tries to increase the cooperation between individuals and institutions involved in Teacher Education both inside and outside Europe by promoting international networks.

ATEE is a member of the LLL platform:, ICCA, FAIB, and CRES.


Research: The exchange of research and practice is facilitated by the publication of the European Journal of Teacher Education and the organisation of annual conferences.

The Research & Development Communities (RDCs) are the core of this organisation, creating a backbone for social coherence within the association. Theyprovide the first platform for dialogue, exchange and joint international activities between individuals and institutions.


Policy: In political dialogues the ATEE does not represent personal political opinions or standpoints, but takes a professional position, based on a shared knowledge on the required professionalism and professional development of teachers based on the collected theory and practical experience of its members.

Since the ATEE is a membership-based association, its activities are run by and aimed at its members.